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If you need help with post-MBA career goals, I highly recommend the Career Leader exam. It will give you clarity and a strong foundation to talk convincingly about your goals in essays and interviews. I can get you a $10 discount off the normal $99.95 USD price. Just pay $90 here and I'll send you login details within 24 hours.

Career Leader ($99.95) - designed by Dr. Timothy Butler, Director of Career Development Programs at Harvard Business School, this career test is used by 96 out of the top 100 global business schools. The self-assessment is built on identifying the interests, motivators, and skills that will drive your future career success and satisfaction. Take this test before you apply to strengthen your career goals. Get $10 discount here.

In-depth career guides offered for free by MBA Mission. If you find them helpful consider supporting them by purchasing their other guides or services.

MBA Mission Career Primers (current)

MBA Mission Career Primers (2016, all in one place)

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